A little bit about me:

I have used a camera to document experience for over twenty five years. Starting out using film, developing and printing my work, and experimenting with a unique transfer technique, I then transitioned to using a high-resolution digital camera and experiment now with image manipulation.

Initially, my interest in photography was simply to preserve a memory. I wanted a timeline, so to speak, of my travels and experience. Along with this objective, I had a strong desire to share my experience and exhibited my work in juried art fairs across the midwest.

Now, with the use of new technology, I can share my work in a different format and with new tools. I have explored different means of altering images which include using various "apps", exposures, manipulations and materials. By mixing mediums, images are enhanced in ways that create added dimension and mood. 

My work offers glimpse of what it was that originally caught my eye. My hope is to convey this sense of curiosity and encourage you to pause, wonder and connect what you see to your own experience.