Day 10, 2016 - Logrono to Ventosa


I think of feathers,

and like friends when I need them

they come when I call.

Feathers symbolize my mom, who lived just shy of 102 years. My Camino was put on hold because of my choice to spend every day I could with her, knowing that each day might be her last. She loved birds....watching them, feeding them, listening to them and identifying them. She had many a feeder in her lifetime and until the end would watch birds compete for seed just outside her bedroom window. Somehow, this association stuck with me and on my daily walks when I needed strength or help or just knew I needed to "buck up", I would think of her and more times than not, a feather would appear at my feet or at the side of the trail. This continued on my journey through Spain. I have a baggie full of Spanish feathers. On the walk to Ventosa, she came to mind many times. When I looked, I found and was comforted....knowing any pain I felt would eventually subside. It was meant to push me on....not hold me back.