Day 11, 2016 - Ventosa to Azofra


Looking behind me

I can see how far I've come,

then I move forward.

Walking out of Ventosa was bittersweet. I'd met two very special people there and been given a gift meant to keep me safe until I reached Santiago. I remember leaving as the sun came up and once away from the town, looking back over my shoulder noticing how far I'd already come and saying goodbye to people I won't quickly forget. This far into the journey, it was common to hear the question, "Where are you going?" This day, my answer was, "I don't know, but I'll know when I get there." It was a put one foot in front of the other kind of day. I learned the distance between towns is measured from church to church. I noticed vineyards, lilacs, red dirt and rocks and I could smell the earth being plowed. The wind cooled. Sheep cried in unison. And as I walked on, I heard a cuckoo bird, making me grin, thinking of those who might consider this pilgrimage just a crazy adventure. 

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