Day 19 - Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino


If I don't slow down,

the Camino will slow me.

This, I am certain.

By nature I am spontaneous and impulsive, quick to decide, quick to transition. Billy Joel comes to mind. "Nobody's gonna break my stride, nobody's gonna slow me down". Today, I walked and began to feel the consequence of a pace perhaps too fast. Unsure why my right leg was throbbing in pain or if by walking I was exacerbating the ailment, I continued. Geared up, I avoided snails camouflaged on small-stoned pavement. Unaware of risk, they moved like molasses across the road. I couldn't help but compare their pace to what mine should be. They reminded me to slow down. It occured to me that perhaps "nobody" didn't apply to snails.