Day 24, 2016 - Mansilla de las Mulas - Lyon


An unforeseen pause

or unplanned change in routine 

makes no difference. 

As I passed this statue, still drying from rain, I realized that despite the hours I'd walked, time was relative. The statue represented my journey. It didn't matter how quickly or far I'd walked, stopping to take off my pack and tilt my face toward the sun seemed to have little influence on when I'd arrive, regardless of how long I sat. I would get there when I got there, despite pauses along the way. I had a general rule to stop at the second cafe of any town. This seemed to work well since it came around the 6-10 kilometer mark, when I was beginning to tire.  The cafe was where I met up with fellow perigrinos, who ebbed and flowed during the day, for a café con leche, glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a tortilla or bocadilla. Occasionally, though I paused when a boot came untied, to satisfy a hunger pang or when beauty of the land arrested.  In every instance, I might have only taken a deeper breath or a moment to relax, but somehow I was restored. The pause didn't stop me, it allowed me to continue without thought of how far I'd come or if I'd arrive on some self-imposed schedule. Often, time restores and heals but on the Camino, time wasn't the driver.