Day 23, 2016 - Bercianos del Real Camino - Mansilla de las Mulas


Hobbling and dripping,

I arrived on Domingo,

where prayers were answered.

I walked in the rain and although pleased with my choice of rain gear, I could not keep warm. I suffered with sore feet and needed to restock bandages, but knew that finding a farmacia on a Sunday would be difficult. Wet and cold, I stopped in the first bar I came to. I remember it was an Irish pub and decided on a San Miguel (disguised in an Amstel glass), rather than a Guinness or a hot café con leche. I stripped off my outerwear and hung it over the back of my chair, now shivering. The barkeep offered me one warm mussel. I wanted to cradle it in my palm for warmth but hunger overtook me.

Not quite lunchtime, I ordered pasta with mushrooms and delighted when it came to the table, steaming. Some meals are memorable; this was one of them. It took about an hour before my clothes were dry enough to put back on and I reluctantly prepared to again face the elements. As I reached for my pack, I noticed a head’s-up penny on the floor. Smiling, I picked it up, bid an adios and headed for the door.  Around the corner, I happened upon what I believe was the only farmacia open this Sunday morning. I was thankful for the bar, the food, the farmacia and, of course, the good luck penny…