Day 25, 2016 - Lyon - Rest Day


Hurrying or not,

we meet who we're supposed to,

sooner or later.

Relative to the towns I'd walked through, Lyon is huge and traffic is horrible. Because of recommendation from fellow peregrinos, I decided to bus into Lyon, since I'd already justified that this was my Camino and I'd get from point A to point B the best way possible. To date, this was my best decision. I purchased a ticket ON the bus not at the station or at a bar and since the bus ran often, my wait was short. At first it seemed strange to see pilgrims walking as my bus sped by and I felt guilty for about two seconds. It was stranger yet to experience another perspective of distance and the speed at which one can travel if not on foot. 

Once to the city, I used Google maps to find the way to my pre-booked hotel. Thank God for technology. I walked through a plethora of squares and arrived at the Basilica de San Isidoro in time to see three nuns hurrying to mass just as the heavens opened. Serendipitous photo opportunities please me.

9a.m, was too early to get into my hotel on the back side of the Basilica so I toured the grand old church. This night and the next, I splurged. I slept in a comfortable bed in a remarkably historic city. 

Little did I know, the ebb and flow of the Camino would reunite me with fellow peregrinos I hadn't seen for over a week. Reunions are nice, even when it rains.