Day 16, 2016 - Burgos - Rest Day


Resting for a day,

I gather my bandages 

and begin to heal.

Burgos seemed a good place to spend an extra day. It was a relatively large city, had an impressive cathedral, historic landmarks and rich history. My body, especially my feet, needed a breather and after yesterday's trek, I was due. I was fortunate the minor blisters I accumulated walking over the Pyrenees were tolerable. Upon arrival at a day's destination, my aching ankles and feet no longer required elevation. None-the-less, it was good, really good to simply stop for a day.  

I took inventory of the tape and bandages I used as precautions to protect my feet. It seemed I had enough, probably too much since any extra weight carried is not optimum. I smiled as I recalled my first "Camino angel", a Swedish man, who when seeing me prepare my feet for the day's walk, handed me one of the coveted bandages he used for his own feet. The adhesive gauze he gave me saved my feet from further discomfort and was later easy to locate in a Farmacia.  I was greatful and vowed to pay his kindness forward to another peregrino...but, on this day, I would rest.