Day 18, 2016 - Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz


As the sun rises,

I walk with new urgency,

toward not away from.

Before today, the thought of walking 500 miles to Santiago rarely came to mind. I thought only about how far I would walk each day. This was anywhere from 12 - 16 miles. I wasn't yet walking toward, although neither was I walking from. However, for some reason, today there was a shift and I'm not sure what caused it.  Maybe it was that I was beginning to notice small pains in my knees and ankles, maybe it was the boredom of solo walking, maybe it was because on the Meseta I could see for miles where I was headed and maybe it was just that I had more time to think on this long, winding path. By the end of today, I had traveled 332 kilometers or 206 miles. As I walked, I tried to focus on looking further ahead, but it was difficult to keep my head up when I was having to look for that which might trip me up. The road was rocky and undulating. I was careful. It was another "white" day...white gravel, white windmills, white snow-capped mountains. Large rocks in green hills reminded me of Ireland and as soon as the thought came to mind, Irish brogue sounded from behind. I walked with the Irishmen who talked of their experiences to date on the Camino. Their epiphany was, "if you need something, ask for very well might get it." This resonated with this stubborn, independent, used-to-be red head. I wondered how or if  this would weave it's way into my own Camino. I wondered how pain, boredom, fear or need would find it's way into this journey toward Santiago. I heard bugs buzzing by my ears. It was hot. I found three feathers today. I walked on.....