Day 10, 2017 - Sansol to Logrono


Tribe numbers increase

and the clinking of glasses

sounds without a slosh.


I left Sansol early led by the lights of a still dark city. I remembered from last year that today's walk was especially tiring, so I fueled up early with cafe con leché, fresh orange juice and a muffin of some sort; then set pace for Logrono, approximately 22k ahead. Logrono is a hopping town and on a Saturday night, after walking solo the entire day, I hoped I would run into those with whom I'd earlier met.

Arriving nearly exhausted, I took a shower, washed my clothes and slept. Not too much later, I was awakened by the familiar voice of a friend (who I met the second day). She invited me to explore the town with her and her friends. It was wonderful to meet up someone I thought I might never see again and be introduced to others also on this journey to Santiago.

Logrono is one of the largest, most active towns I would encounter on the Camino, but it was not difficult to find Calle Laurel, the street famous for tapas. Later that evening, along with new friends, we wandered from bar to bar, sampling tapas (which were an art form) and tasting Wine that couldn't possibly disappoint. 

The clinking of glasses, when added to the practice of toasting, is said to satisfy all five senses...much like walking the Camino. Being on foreign land affords an opportunity to use all the senses and depend on them to help guide. Tonight, my Camino "tribe" grew as we expressed good wishes, and for a time were brought together, knowing the morning would again bring goodbyes. Exhausted or not, I would not have missed tonight's celebration. The increasing tribe would grow to depend on one another. The ebb and flow had begun.