Day 30, 2016 - Acebo to Ponferrada


Following "green" routes

allows for beautiful views

not otherwise seen.

There are views so beautiful even a "real" camera cannot do them justice. It becomes important to burn these images into the mind so they are not quickly forgotten. The lure of "green routes", those off the beaten Camino path, allowed such opportunity. Many times, these treks were more difficult; rocky and steep, but the view...oh, the view. On this day, I remember thinking the only way I could see the sight before me was by walking...that no car, and hardly a bike could maneuver the terrain.  With snow-capped mountains to the left, the sound of the scout birds and rushing mountain streams along with Irish clouds, the reward was indeed worth the challenge.

I wondered how pilgrims, without modern means for recording, remembered sights such as these...and more, how they then accurately shared what they had seen. This was prelude to a yet unknown challenge upon my return; words and cameras became inadequate.