Day 32, 2016 - Villafranca del Bierzo to Las Herrerias


Sleep comes quickly when

lulled by the light of the moon,

exhausted and full.

This day was difficult. At one point out loud I said I was done. I'd walked far enough. I was tired. My leg was hurting. I wanted to be in the square in Santiago with my "peeps" reveling in the fact that over one million steps had been taken...

Although the path was difficult, roses, jasmine and lavender made it a visual and aromatic delight. The snow capped mountain I'd been keeping in my sight was now behind me. I'd had my daily ration of café con leche, chocolate croissant and San Miguel....I mentioned San Miguel, right? Overall, the day was wonderful. I shouldn't have complained. But, I had to admit the misery...before I could be grateful. And I was grateful. Especially when falling into a comfortable, quilted bed with a window in direct line of the full moon. I watched it move slowly across the sky until I slept the dreamless sleep of the weary.