Day 35, 2016 - Triacastela to Vílei


It's important to 

believe the future unfolds

as it's supposed to.

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Up and out early today, I walked as the sun rose in the sky. The light was beautiful as it shown on the trees lining the path. I thought about all those past who had walked where I walked and seen similar sights and sunrises. This beauty was not mine alone to experience.

Perhaps because the kilometers were waning, I considered for the first time I was walking toward a place not away from one. Santiago was on my mind. With slightly more than 100 kilometers left to walk, I concentrated on slowing down, on savoring the last of my Camino. Time was passing quickly and it seemed something unpredicted was going to happen. Although the future cannot be known, I wanted to focus, to be sure I would remember the last of a journey that really was speeding up to begin. It's said, "As the Camino ends, the journey begins." The magic is in trusting that the lessons taught have already been learned.