Day 36, 2016 - Vílei to Portomarin


After a long walk,

steps to enter the city

weren't a happy sight.

Just like washing a car invites rain, not protecting a pack with it's raincover assures a downpour.  I was becoming better at reading the sky and learned that if I waited sometimes as little as 45 seconds, the clouds would pass and the need to protect a pack would become unnecessary. On several days, I delayed as long as possible, getting wet but not drenched. Today, however, I had no choice.  From the start, it rained, clearing only after two hours into the walk. The wet earth became a rich, dark color and birds sang, seemingly unaffected. The yellow "for Cynthia" (what my husband likes to call forsythia) was in bloom and I remember thinking that instead of April showers it was May showers that brought May flowers. Spring had sprung and despite the rain, the scenery made the walk tolerable. That is, until the approach to the day's final destination required climbing steps. Any discomfort, the rain might have caused was secondary to what my feet and knees were about to endure. I wondered how often this photo had been taken in this exact pilgrim could see these steps without thinking, "you've got to be shitting me!"