Day 39, 2016 - Ribadiso da Baixo to O Pedrouzo


Whether to push through

or to maneuver around,

we each have a choice.

It poured rain last night. It's head down, keep an eye out for what's a step ahead. The Camino winds through a eucalyptus forest of olfactory delight and I remember wishing the leaves were not so high so I could crush some between my fingers and take the smell with me. The trail is not muddy, just wet. Still, I watch where I plant each step.

The numbers of pilgrims have increased and walking alone is no longer the norm. Because of this, my pace increases but I remind myself of the importance of slowing down, especially since my days on the Camino are few. My friend, Brian from Canada summed it up saying, "the numbers of pilgrims are just reacclimating us to when we finally get to Santiago"....and to that, I add, "home". I've cherished my time alone and time with others. Although I consider myself a solitary person, I do need laugh with, joke with, to banter back and forth, to care for, help and to challenge. The Camino has provided all of this and I suspect upon my return home I will more often seek those who compliment me in these ways. I hope this is reciprocal. We all choose.