Day 4, 2017 Zubiri to Pamplona


To nurse my blisters

I switched from boots to sandals.

Caution was required.

Day 4 Zubiri to Pamplona.jpg

Prior to the Camino, I thought I'd walked enough in my boots to break them in but I was wrong. I'd developed three blisters, most likely because of the ups and downs of the previous days. After cleansing, applying cream and bandaging my heels, I decided to switch from wearing my boots to my sandals to provide some relief. I hoped that by allowing my feet to "breathe", I could avoid the blisters opening up and producing more pain or worse become infected and prohibiting me from walking. Except for the extra weight in my pack, the change felt good; I felt lighter and the pain subsided.  

The path varied from dirt, gravel, rock, and pavement. I crossed bridges, walked through fields with flocks of sheep, rested under sheltered areas lined with brick and meandered on narrow, tree-lined trails. There were undulating hills and one exceptionally steep downhill of steps without any bannister on which to hold. Luckily, the sun was out and no rain had caused water to pool and reduce traction. However, the lack of ankle support by wearing sandals required focus and balance on the descent. Coupled with blisters, I knew that an ankle sprain or even a twist might be a Camino-ending injury. I was careful and successful, finally glad to be safe at the bottom. The change of footwear proved to be a good choice, but I have to say "my dogs were barking" as I approached the Magdalena bridge and entered the gates of the remarkable city of Pamplona.