Day 17, 2017 - Burgos Rest Day


Still wanting to walk, 

an unexpected illness

stopped me in my tracks. 

Day 17 Burgos rest day.jpg

39° and raining ALL DAY. 
Today was a day of rest, albeit unplanned and unexpected. I heard bells and raindrops outside my window as I lay supine in my bed. I've been so careful with my leg, slowing down just enough. For some reason, though I'm having not only to slow, but stop.

I have to admit it's not a bad place to spend time, Burgos is an historic town and truthfully, I'd rather be napping than walking in a cold downpour. So, here I am. My tribe and the wave go on without me. I wanted to walk the Camino solo and I'm being given the chance. 

After a whole day of rest, I still didn’t feel my best and was hardly hungry, but when asked, I met friends and walked together with cheap umbrellas in pouring rain, until we found an agreed upon restaurant. The menu was varied and we all splurged and ordered a different three course meal. The food tasted good but by dessert I had to leave. Maybe my body had finally succumbed to the stress of walking 12-15 miles a day or maybe I just wasn’t used to rich, delicious Spanish cuisine. At any rate, bad became worse and I spent not just one rest day but two, hardly seeing the town at all.

Note 1 to self, don't eat if you're not hungry.

Note 2 to self, believe that you will see the tribe again.

Note 3 to self, give your body rest until strength returns.

It wasn’t in my plan but I learned if I don’t stop when I should, the Camino will stop me. I’d planned on walking through this town but ended up staying two days. When plans aren’t my own, I believe there’s a reason. I’m listening.