Day 26, 2017 - León to Hospital de Orbigo


When met with challenge

we don armour for battle, 

and meet it head on.


On July 11, 1434, this bridge in Hospital de Orbigo was defended by the knight Don Suero de Quiñones after he was scorned by a beautiful woman. A jousting tournament was held with knights from all over Europe who each needed a letter from their Parish to certify them before able to pass. For two weeks, Don Suero defended the bridge against 300 lances and regained his honor before going on to Santiago with his knights. Later, he married the woman who scorned him.

Despite inclement weather, exhaustion, hunger, sleeplessness, injury and/or lack of café con leche, pilgrims fight through challenges to persevere. Each Camino is unique and pilgrims seek to rise to the challenge of a 500 miles walk. Don Suero defended his honor and defeated 300 knights. Although the challenge for pilgrims is decidedly different, they too arrive victorious as they walk into Santiago..