Day 27, 2017 - Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga


The unexpected

is better experienced

on roads less traveled.


Departed at 7:30 AM°. 

Today, I sent my backpack forward. All I carried was my "frontal" (the term used to describe the small fanny pack I wear in front). There's an unspoken judgment about not carrying one's backpack as if walking wasn't difficult enough. I've come to believe that everyone's Camino is their own;  the way one gets from point A to point B is unique. Today for me, the lack of weight felt nice...a well-deserved break. 

Leaving town, I walked past cappuccino-colored earth and rows of yellow fields, wonderful to look at but fairly common at this point. For about fifteen minutes however, the clouds were dramatic and I concentrated less on my steps, looking up more than down. I cared not if rain came. The opportunity to see this storm rolling in was reward for the day or so I thought.

Ahead, I remembered an alternate route. I walked this way last year and I knew when the road forked, I would come to La Casa de los Dioses - The house of the Gods. The property was owned by David Vidal, an energetic and gracious man who had lived in this out of the way place for years. I wondered how he could sustain it, much less live in such a humble abode. Each day he would walk the 7k to Astorga to replenish the fruit and drink he provided freely to passing pilgrims. It was a totally "donativo" oasis, which meant people left only as much money as they could.  Along with a dozen or so other pilgrims, I was glad to have veered right. 

La Casa de los Dioses

La Casa de los Dioses

david may 10.jpg

Today was what my mom used to call "a red letter day". The day began at the right place at the right time. I experienced a wide array of color in the earth and fury in the sky and met once again a man who, when I looked into his piercing, slate-blue eyes, I thought I must be seeing the eyes of a saint. Reward comes in many ways.