Day 31, 2017 - Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo


Sharing wine and bread

turns silver friendships to gold

hopefully, for life. 


Departed at 8:00

Ponferrada is a big town and it's best to follow arrows and the road most taken. 
The day is warm; the sun in and out of clouds. A breeze cools. 
I walk past vineyards and cherry trees on
undulating hills, practice for the next climb to O Cebreiro and into Galicia. 
Bicyclists glide the downs and huff the ups. 
Crickets and birds serenade. 
Storks make their homes on the tops of churches. 
Wild roses line each side of the path. 
Poppies are crimson red. 
Cherries are shared by generous strangers. 
Free wine and tapas are given because Canadian friends were urged to ask in Spanish. 
A man, a horse and a dog. 
New friends from Canada and old friends, reunited. 
Now walking towards Santiago. Mind shift made. 
Won't be long.

In Cacabelos, at the beginning of town on the right is the vineyard Restaurant Moncloa. If you go into their shop and say the words "¿Tiene un vaso de vino por un peregrino (orperegrina) que esta muriendo de sed? (Do you have a glass of wine for a Pilgrim who is dying of thirst?), they will give you a free glass of wine and a tapa. :) My Canadian buddy decided to try out his Spanish and lo and behold.... sustenance...along with laughter from all.

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