Day 32, 2017 - Villafranca del Bierzo to las Herrerias


I will do without

this favorite delicacy

of Galicia.  


In my best Vanna White, I present....PULPO! 

Departed 8:00. 
55° overcast 

From my notes:

Green routes are worth the effort...more difficult and more beautiful. 
Mountain climbing. 
Lavender and large ferns line path. 
Clover, white and purple. 
Chestnuts, large and small. 
Ants and giant hills. 
Cool breeze and sometime shade. 
Pilgrims of old crossed this mountain before the tunnel scarred it. 
Fresh squeezed orange juice, cafe con leche and potato chips for sustenance. 
Goat cheese and honey. 
Legs like rubber. 
Quilted bed and dry hair. 
Cows chewing, waiting to be milked. 
Light on the mountain. 
First scent of the "homebrew festival". 
Galicia, I'm coming for you.