Day 36, 2017 - Sarria to Portomarin


Fear can slow us but

bridges provide safe passage 

to the other side.

Departed 7:30am, 45°
No rain expected today
Buff over ears....cold start. 
Enormous cemetery on the outskirts of town. Crypts all above ground. 
Downhill, downhill. Knees.
Stay left. 
Happy birds. 
Quiet squeak in my backpack. Arrggg. 
Breathe in four times, breathe out four times. 
Breathe in two times, breathe out two times. 
Put my shirt on inside out today. Made me laugh, midday when I noticed. 
Masses of new peregrinos starting from Sarria. New packs, clean boots, quick pace, more stops. Most not using poles...I mean sticks. 
Met Danielle from Switzerland who walked from Porto, Portugal to Santiago; now "backwards" to St. Jean; then will walk back to Santiago. Can't imagine. 
Adjusted pack, no more squeak. 
Mud, now hard packed...thankful the weather has cooperated. 
Finally, my boots are broken in. I never think that takes as long as it does. 
Walked head down straight past the "deaf" girls (who really can hear), asking for money.
Roosters announce an upcoming village. 
The "homebrew festival" continues. 
Low rock walls with moss line the path. Reminds me of Ireland. 
Shadows, then sun, and shadows again. 
Big, friendly dogs until they see your sticks. 
Young calves and evidence of sheep. 
Cafés are natural procession thinners. 
Milka with almonds. 
Pine forests. 
Cow parade. 
Experienced shepherd. 
Enough of the downhill already!
High, narrow, bridge with designated walker lane. Eyes focused ahead.                                      Safe on the other side.    

63 steps, count 'em, 63 steps.