Day 37, 2017 - Portomarin to Casa Nova


Ahead and behind,

it is hard to see clearly.

I watch and listen.

Departed 7:15, 45° and fog!

Long day 30k

Single file pilgrims over the small bridge out of Portomarin.

Steep uphill right from the start; even a biker had to walk.

Have mastered timing the distance between myself and the nearest pilgrim behind and in front. 

Pine and Eucalyptus forests.

Kilometer plates are mostly gone from Galician stone markers. Sad.

Sun out, fleece off; it's going to be a hot day.

Sometimes I think I hear someone behind me. I turn and look and there's no one there.

Don't look up, just keep the rhythm and the tap, tap, tap.

Most of the path today parallels the highway.

Walked with David from Australia to the town of Vendas de Naron that once provided hospitality to Charlemagne, the holy Roman emperor Charles V and to King Philip of Spain while on his way to marry Mary Tudor.

Much history in these little villages.

Imagination soaring.

Outside of town, cows roam freely in the street and drink from a fountain before slowly making their way to pasture.

At least 10 taxis go by. People must be getting tired.

Faithful with the sunscreen.

With 9.5k to go, I stop to change my socks and elevate my feet. Dogs are barking!

Refueled with tater chips, Aquarius drink, and chocolate with almonds.

One more hour. Sometimes 5k seems like 10k.

Arrived, shower, wash, nap and dinner.

3 more days.