Day 39, 2017 - Arzua to O Pedrouzo


The end is fuzzy;

the future unclear, but still

the curtain rises.


Departed 7:20am
51° and cloudy
Early Breakfast. Chocolate croissant, still warm from oven, orange juice and cafe con leche. 
Walking with Frank from North Carolina.
Beautiful light as the sun rises. 
Path is level. Few ups; few downs. 
Taking it slow. 
Pine and eucalyptus forest. 
Roses of many colors. 
Path sometimes parallels highway. 
Cars and big trucks speed by.
Bikers choose walking path, not road. 
My mind wanders to tomorrow's walk into Santiago. 
How can it be possible this journey is already coming to an end? 
3:30 tomorrow in the square by the Cathedral. All my peeps know to be there. 
Frank walks on to have shorter day into Santiago tomorrow. 
I'm first to arrive at Pension, although it is completo. 
Sweet man at Pension did my wash for free. 
Time speeding up. 
One more day.