Day 38, 2017 Casa Nova to Arzua


I tapped each marker

for those on this ancient route,

before or after. 

To Arzua tapping.jpg

Departed 7:45am, 54° mostly cloudy, warmest start yet.

Solo this morning on a beautiful trail through the woods.

Still, birds sing.
Horseshoe marks in the dirt. 

Stopped at first café (not the second) for a good cup of coffee and to get the small BOULDER out of my shoe. 

Peace lilies. More here than I've seen anywhere else. 

First day of no bandages on feet!! Hallelujah!!
Smell of eucalyptus. 
Red leaves on the path. 

Starting to make the transition. It's slow at first, then, BAM. 

Stopped in church in the old town of Melide. An Asian girl was crying. I touched her shoulder. Without a word, a slight smile. I walk away, never having seen her face. 

Further through town, I stopped at another church where a service going on. I sit on a bench with the locals. Soon, I give my seat up to another. 

Markets all through the town this Sunday morning. 

More downs and ups. Take it slow. 

It's been said that the hunt for Pulpo really begins in Melide. Onward to find a perfectly prepared dish. No comment, Brian Jones. 

Warming up nicely. 74°. Humid. Sweat. 
Ran into Frank from North Carolina again. Walking with someone helps make the k's go quicker. 

Stopped and had a lunch of French fries with salt or maybe it was a lunch of Salt with French fries. Coke with ice tastes good. 

Onward to Arzua. Hadn't planned to stay here but booking ahead was necessary. All completo. 

Beautiful farmland
Rolling hills
Kilometer marker tapping. I have touched each one within reach with my stick from St. Jean. Sort of a blessing of those who have left a stone or gone before. 
A beautiful white horse.
A massive dog. 

Laundry, shower, rest, drinks on the square. 
Still, no pulpo. 

2 more days of walking.