Day 21, 2017 Boadilla del Camino to Carrión de los Condes

6K IS 6K

Willingness to change

after first charting a course

can have its advantage.

Departed at 7:15; arrived 4:00. 
48° no rain but overcast. 

My first thought this morning was that it was only 6K until the first town and my cafe con leche. Well, that and what a beautiful day it was. That, and how fortunate I was to be able to walk the Camino. That, and how my eyes were really bad in the morning and how glad I was that there were arrows!

The path followed canals today. It was lovely. I walked along the straight, seemingly endless path, and came to a big, yellow house, reflected in the water. I crossed a small bridge just outside the town of Fromista, over locks that released water level by level. I remembered both from last year. 

Sparrows frantically circled overhead. I wondered if they're anticipating rain and hoped not. 

Six kilometers went quickly and before I know it I was in a familiar bar having a cafe con leche and a croissant. I turned to leave and literally ran into Jacqueline from Germany, who I met back in Burgos. I also saw Christina and Lisa from Germany. It was great to see familiar faces. I sat with them and had another coffee. 

I walked with Jacqueline who was born in Holland and now lives in Berlin. Our pace was the same and our conversation made the kilometers go quicker. We talked for a little bit what "my Camino" means. It seems it's about this time on the journey when people begin to define their individual Camino. This journey is the same and it is different for everyone. 

I heard cuckoo birds and tree flogs along the way, walking an alternative route, parallel to a river. This part of the route was also familiar. I remembered from last year that I would walk straight (for hours) until I saw a big white house on the hill. I wished the house would appear.

Once to the town where I originally planned to stop, I was able to go into the church (which was closed last year) where King Alfonzo, the somethingth said "the white virgin" could cure pilgrims. I silently asked for a cure...for whatever. 

Jacqueline talked me into walking an extra 6 km further than I'd planned and recommended a stay in an old monastery on the outskirts of town. I felt like I was tempting fate a bit since the town I'd planned to stop was where I was so hurt with tendinitis last year. I didnt plan to push it any further. After all, 6k is 6k. 

But, it was onward, 6k more to the outskirts of the town and to the Monastery. The grounds were impressive and quiet and the monastery itself, the most comfortable place I'd stayed. Changing plans and going farther than I'd intended was well worth the effort. 

Tomorrow, I pass the 1/2 way mark. Time rushes on...