Day 2, 2016 - Roncesvalles to Zubiri


Seen at the right time,

descending the Pyrenees

became doable.

Walking over the Pyrenees was the hardest physical feat I've ever done. Yesterday's walk up was difficult, but today's descent more taxing on the knees. I was glad I'd made the decision to carry poles to reduce impact and that accommodation was reserved in advance. Seeing this sign near Zubiri provided good encouragement to continue. Once there, a hot shower, food and rest never felt so good. 

Day 1, 2016 - St. Jean Pied de Port, France - Roncesvalles, Spain


Unlike the flatlands...

twelve plus miles up, up and up,

yearning for plateau.

Solo will be different. Having someone to walk with makes a journey easier. There's conversation, there's companionship and someone with whom to commiserate and share joy made visible. My forever friend, Janice will walk the first nine days or so with me and I know that when she returns to the United States, my Camino will be different. How, I'm not sure, but I look forward to whatever the future holds. For now, I'm glad she's with me!