Traveling with a camera as a steady companion, many times with no specific "project" in mind,  I document experience, place and time.

Drawn to the "foreign", whether it be in my country or another I have come to realize that this yearning is about a desire to experience what seems different than what I know.  I am forced to a more integrative use of my senses which provides a heightened sensitivity, and also allows a greater sense of comfort and safety in the midst of the unfamiliar. 

Reflecting on what it is that stops me...what it is that makes me curious enough to take a photo, I believe that it's not just the "seeing", but the combination of senses working together that allows me to capture what I see as unique.  I am challenged to look at what is right before me. Often, it is difference that lures me, but similarity I find. I realize the world is not so big, after all.

I categorize my photos, not by location but by what I believe each image has in common.  My hope is that as I share these images you are reminded of your own place and time and also encouraged to see what many times is unique about the ordinary.